A two-part, text-based and site-specific installation that invites viewers to consider the notion of history as a series of layered stories that unfold and fold into one another perpetually. The two parts of the title prompt us to reflect on what we know (or what we think we know) of Singapore’s founding history, and to consider how stories in history are always purposefully framed with specific beginnings and ends. Who decides on where a story starts and ends? What more could we learn from other perspectives yet to be heard or explored? How do we begin to tell our own stories—of ourselves, of places, people, and things that surround us; and what would their endings be?


28 Jan to 24 Feb 2019: ‘Bridges of Time’, Commissioned by i Light Singapore: Bicentennial Edition. Production supported by National Arts Council.

There are those who stay/
there are those who go (2016)

Installation with text on aluminium composite panels (set of two), 240 x 420 x 60 cm (each)


This work examines the idea of 'staying' and 'going' as two perspectives of a single decisive moment. Two walls, cladded in mirrors and placed face-to-face, are in conversation as well as confrontation with each other, uncovering various prismatic and layered readings into the nature of choice, attachment, separation, and loss. In relation to its site, that of the former National Library, the work calls for a reflective inquiry into how we transform our spaces, and the memories we entwine with these spaces.


27 Oct 2016 to 26 Feb 2017: ‘An Atlas of Mirrors’. Commissioned by Singapore Biennale 2016. Production supported by Kelvin Ang, Jimmy Chua, Ho Hui May, Bervyn Lee, Nicholas Song, Juliana Tong, and Singapore Management University

the weight of a pause builds with the gravity of silence (2016)

inkjet print face-mounted onto acrylic glass with aluminum composite backing, photo print 50 x 72 cm, text print 50 x 30 cm, displayed 15cm apart


This work examines the notion of a pause - its nature, purpose and effect. Here, text and image relay a sense of rest as well as anticipation; a moment between ‘nothing is happening’ and ‘anything can’.


21 to 24 Jan 2016: Presented by Mizuma Gallery at Art Stage Singapore 2016, Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore

the Speed of time (2015)

Archival inkjet print,
photo print 80 x 120 cm (unframed),
text print 80 x 160 cm (unframed)


This set of photo and text prints examines the various distances and proximities we experience and navigate — from the physical, to metaphysical, to the emotional. Entwined in this sense-making is our reading of time, and how we perceive, and are shaped by its flow.


25 Sep to 25 Oct 2015: ‘What It Is About When It Is About Nothing’. Curated by Michael Lee. Mizuma Gallery, Singapore

Locus (2012)

single-channel video with sound, 2m 39s


“Locus” brings together a selection of photographs from the duo’s ‘Spaces in Between’ project, which explores transient spaces in Singapore. Included in the montage are stills of the ordinary (a car park, a bus stop), alongside the monumental (a now-demolished national stadium); punctuated by elegiac chimes and texts, contemplating the act of photographing as a means of remembering and forgetting.


21 Oct to 10 Nov 2015: ‘Urban:ness: Encountering the City’. Curated by Mukta Ahluwalia Bedi. Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre

9 to 17 June 2012: ‘Drive’, a presentation of films curated by Kent Chan. 3rd Experimental Film Forum, The Substation, Singapore

Scala (2011)

single-channel video with sound, 3m 22s


“Scala” viewfinds the escalator in various states; meditating upon the seemingly endless chug of time, and an 'end place' that eludes us. Handheld, and coupled with fragments of found sounds and an original score, the film attempts to convey the strange delight and fear of being both stilled and moved by an unstoppable force.


13 to 16 Sep 2012: ‘Pulau (Back in the Closet)’. Curated by Ezzam Rahman. The Substation, Singapore

31 July to 3 Aug 2012: ‘Pulau’. Curated by Ezzam Rahman. Kulturhuset, Stockholm

5 May 2011: ‘Eternity’, a presentation of films curated by Victric Thng. 2nd Experimental Film Forum, The Substation, Singapore

Interland (2008)

single-channel video with sound, 5m 3s


A rooftop carpark stands empty and ready, like a stage awaiting its spectacle. Captured in one take, 'Interland' explores the passage of time and light, and invites the viewer to meditate on that singular, unrepeatable, and uncontrollable moment – when night forwards into day.


9 to 17 June 2012: ‘Drive’, a presentation of films curated by Kent Chan. 3rd Experimental Film Forum, The Substation, Singapore

Terminus (2008)

single-channel video with sound, 5m 42s


The void deck is a public space unique to Singapore. Its ubiquitous presence, under each public housing block, serves as a poetic reminder of the disconnect and dualities that exist in our modern cityscape: It is a space where neighbours meet, and avoid one another; a place to breathe, but not to linger; a blank slate for the imagination, and a view into the emptiness that surrounds us.


29 Sep 2016  to 15 Jan 2017: ‘El espejo enterrado’, 3° Bienal de Montevideo. Curated by Alfons Hug. Palacio Legislativo del Uruguay

20 Nov to 13 Dec 2015: ‘Contemporary Art Next Door’, a survey exhibition presented as part of Titian Budaya cultural festival. Curated by Tang Fu Kuen. White Box @ Publika, Kuala Lumpur

25 Sep to 25 Oct 2015: ‘What It Is About When It Is About Nothing’. Curated by Michael Lee. Mizuma Gallery, Singapore

31 Aug 2008: ‘Place’, ROJAK 12. Organised by FARM. The Substation, Singapore

21 Aug to 20 Oct 2008: ‘Time’. Curated by Susie Wong. TickleArt, CityLink, Singapore

Absence (2008)

single-channel video with sound, 7m 34s


A housing block sits quietly on Banda Street in Chinatown, remarkably untouched by the redevelopment projects at its doorstep. A silent visitor arrives to explore its corridors and walkways - to observe, to compare, and to document the spaces she wandered through as a child. In her attempt to make a record, and recall what is already absent, she anticipates the loss that is to come.


24 Apr to 19 May 2015: ‘Vernacula_’. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

11 July to 30 Sep 2008: ‘Digital Homelands’. National Museum of Singapore


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