Perception3 is an interdisciplinary art duo founded in 2007 by artist/writer Regina De Rozario (b. 1973, Singapore) and design practitioner Seah Sze Yunn (b. 1977, Singapore). Its collaborative practice is currently focused on exploring the notions of memory and loss, through the examination of relationships and narratives encountered between the self and the city.

Initiatives / Projects / Work-in-Progress

2016: Commissioned work for ‘An Atlas of Mirrors’, Singapore Biennale

2015 to present: ‘Symmetries’

2014: ‘Absumus sed semper adsumus’ (Link)

2007 to present: ‘Travelling Light’

2007 to present: ‘Spaces in Between’

2007 to 2011: ‘Ten/twentyfour’ (Link)



2012: “Locus”

2011: “Scala”

2008: “Interland”

2008: “Terminus”

2008: “Absence”



2016: ‘The weight of a pause builds with the gravity of silence’

2015: ‘Distances unfold with the speed of time’


Video Screenings/ Exhibitions

2016: ‘El espejo enterrado’, 3° Bienal de Montevideo, Palacio Legislativo del Uruguay /
‘The Buried Mirror’, 3rd Biennial of Montevideo, Legislative Palace of Uruguay

2016: Art Stage Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

2015: ‘Contemporary Art Next Door’, White Box @ Publika, Kuala Lumpur

2015: ‘Urban:ness: encountering the city’, DUTAC, Dubai

2015: ‘What is it about when it is about nothing’, Mizuma Gallery, Singapore

2015: ‘Vernacula’, Nanyang Academy of Arts, Singapore

2014: ‘Superposition(s)’, Earl Lu Gallery, Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore

2012: ‘Pulau (Back in the Closet)’, The Substation, Singapore

2012: ‘Pulau’, Kulturhuset, Stockholm

2012: ‘Drive’, 3rd Experimental Film Forum, The Substation, Singapore

2011: ‘Eternity’, 2nd Experimental Film Forum, The Substation, Singapore

2008: ‘Time’, TickleArt, CityLink, Singapore

2008: ‘Place’, ROJAK 12, The Substation, Singapore

2008: ‘Digital Homelands’, National Museum of Singapore


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